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What is a Vacuum Clamp?

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  1. Types of vacuum clamps;
    Vacuum clamps are divided into stainless steel and aluminum alloys according to their materials:
    The stainless steel material is first used in advanced casting technology, and after the blank is precision cast, it passes through the vibrating light and then is installed. After the installation is completed, the secondary polishing treatment is carried out
    The aluminum alloy material is made by die-casting, then electropolished, and then installed, cleaned, and packaged.

  2. Specification for vacuum clamps
    The common specifications of vacuum clamps are KF16 (KF10), KF25, KF40, KF50 several specifications, and then upward to IS063, IS0100 are usually connected with vacuum clamps and vacuum weldable, center rings, vacuum blind plates, and combinations. It can also be used in conjunction with vacuum valves, vacuum tees, vacuum elbows, vacuum crosses, vacuum bellows, vacuum adapters, and vacuum chambers to meet different customer needs and achieve different effects.

What is a Vacuum Clamp?
1. Types of vacuum clamps; 2. Specification for vacuum clamps
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