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The basic principle and performance characteristics of vacuum fittings



  1.   Malleable cast iron pipe fittings are made of malleable cast iron and are connected to the pipeline with threads (threads). The working pressure is within 0.1Mpa. Its appearance is characterized by thick edges at the ends.

      Four-way crosses, used for vertical cross-connection of pipe; reducing cross, used when connecting two branch pipes with smaller diameters vertically on the pipeline; the supplementary core is also called inner and outer wire, inner and outer reducing diameter, the inner wire is small, the outer wire is small Large, the outer wire is connected to other pipe fittings, and the inner wire is directly connected to the pipe, which is used for the reducing connection of the pipe; the outer screw short joint is used to connect two close-fitting pipe fittings; the pipe short joint that is usually turned by a lathe is replaced, a very short joint is called a pair of wires; a wire plug, also known as a plug, the plug head is an external thread, which is used to block the orifice of the pipe fitting; The joint is composed of a socket and a socket connecting the male and female ports. The interlocking part is lined with rubber pads or asbestos paper pads to prevent water leakage. The union is used in the piping program where the same diameter pipes need to be connected live, that is, do not rotate. Pipes can also take pipes apart. It is easy to disassemble and repair the equipment in the pipeline. In addition, the union is also essential in the installation of the pipeline; the root tie, also known as the root hoop, the locking nut, uses a short thread at one end and a long thread at the other end. A short pipe section (without a tip at the root) and a root nut, plus a pipe hoop with a through-the-wire on the inner wall, form a filament, which acts as a live joint and is used as a detachable live connection. When the heart is attached, the wire pipe hoop can also be omitted; the flange plate, the left, and right two pieces form a pair, and the function is the same as the live joint. The specification is more than d50mm in diameter. Since the two ends of the large-sized valve are mostly flanged interfaces, the flanges are also mostly used for the connection between the pipeline and the valve.
  2.   When steel and malleable iron pipe fittings are connected by thread, if the working pressure is high (but within 1.6Mpa), steel pipe fittings can be used. Steel pipe fittings are made of carbon steel, commonly known as wrought iron pipe fittings. It has good weldability and can be used where welding is required. For example, a steel pipe hoop is often used as a connection to steel equipment such as boilers or water tanks.
  3.   Cast iron pipe fittings for water supply are made of gray cast iron. There are two types of cast iron pipe fittings for water supply: socket type and flange type. Their uses are similar to malleable cast pipes. There are mainly the following types: cross pipe, T-shaped pipe (including three-socket cross Tube, three-coil cross tube, four-column cross tube, four-coil cross tube, double-column T-tube, double-coil T-tube, three-column T-tube, three-coil T-tube, double-column single-coil T-tube, single-column double-coil T-tube ); 90° elbow, 45° elbow; fork pipe; B-shaped pipe; fire hydrant pipe; casing, etc.
  4.   Drainage cast iron pipe fittings mainly include socket bending pipe, 90° elbow, 45°Y-shaped tee, 90°T-shaped tee, 90°TY-shaped tee, inclined tee, positive tee, TY-shaped reducing tee, Reducing crosses, pipe clamps, T-shaped bottle mouth tee, 45° elbow, Y-shaped reducing tee, socket and socket sweeping mouth, S-shaped water trap, P-shaped storage trap, floor drain and other varieties. Note: Various joints and fittings can be made of different materials. At present, plastic joints and fittings have been widely used. Since only the materials are different, they will not be repeated here.

The basic principle and performance characteristics of vacuum fittings
Malleable cast iron pipe fittings are made of malleable cast iron and are connec
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