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Technical terms about stainless steel vacuum bellows

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Annealing: The controlled heating and cooling process of metal in order to reduce the hardness of the material, relieve its stress, and homogenize it.

Bright Annealing: An annealing process using a reducing gas environment. Stainless steel vacuum bellows annealed in this way have a bright and clean surface without any oxide or scale. This process can replace the old-fashioned pickling process.

Bending: It is the maximum degree that the vacuum bellows can be bent under certain pressure conditions.

Fatigue life: refers to the number of times the vacuum bellows moves back and forth (until the vacuum bellows breaks)

Telescopic length: The difference between the natural length and the stretched or compressed length.

Electrolysis: refers to polishing the inside and outside of the vacuum bellows, which can also increase the corrosion resistance of the vacuum bellows.

Welding: a stainless steel vacuum bellows product that is rolled and formed and continuously welded along the longitudinal seam by a material fusion method. There are two welding methods: one is nitrogen shielded welding, and the other is laser beam welding.

Tensile strength: The maximum load that a material can withstand per unit area before a problem (pull crack) occurs. Unit: psl

Hydrostatic testing: a non-destructive testing procedure. It is a set of leak detection procedures implemented on vacuum bellows products during manufacturing and final inspection. It is actually used to check the vacuum bellows for leaks. Such as holes, cracks, etc.

Destruction Test: Any mechanical test performed on a sample of consumable bellows to verify the physical properties of the vacuum bellows. Including tensile strength, hardness, extrusion, bending, fatigue life and burst test, etc.

Technical terms about stainless steel vacuum bellows
Annealing, Bright Annealing, Bending, Fatigue life, Telescopic length, Electrolysis, Tensile strength, Hydrostatic testing, Destruction Test
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